Caring for and maintaining the Toby Inlet in Dunsborough Western Australia


Toby Inlet Catchment Group Incorporated is a non-profit community group, whose aim is to protect, preserve and repair Toby Inlet and Geographe Bay. The TIC group understands that the management of natural resources within the Catchment is the responsibility of all stakeholders. The TIC Group therefore encourages and supports all stakeholders in achieving sustainable management of their natural resource.

Toby Inlet is situated near the town of  Dunsborough in the South West of Western Australia, overlooking the expanse of Geographe Bay.

We believe that by communicating what is happening to our environment we will have a better chance of preserving it.

Toby Inlet Catchment Group acknowledges the Wadandi people as traditional owners and custodians of the lands in which we work.

Our priorities:


We believe that by communicating what is happening to our environment we will have a better chance of preserving it.


Revegetation of native plants can occur in areas disturbed by natural processes, clearing or weeding.

Weed & Pest

Weeds are a huge problem within the catchment as well as throughout Western Australia.


The Toby Inlet Catchment (TIC) Group has been operating since 1995, with the support of many active members of the community. The impetus to form TIC originated from the development of the golf course and urban development in Dunsborough which resulted in deteriorating water quality at Toby Inlet, and concerns about water quality in Geographe Bay. We have been very successful over the years, commissioning various surveys into the flora, fauna and water quality of the inlet and associated wetlands. With support from the City of Busselton and GeoCatch the data was used to formulate the 2005 management plan. TIC also created an herbarium of plants native to this area which was subsequently gifted to the Bunbury DBCA office.

We aim to continue to be an effective advocate of the inlet and its catchment through the implementation of the 2019 Toby Inlet Waterway Management Plan.

Project overview

Key projects and activities include revegetation, weeding, pest control and advocacy as part of, or related to, the previous and new management plans for Toby Inlet foreshore and inlet itself, including its catchment, as well as the adjacent Geographe Bay foreshore.


Our strategies include targeting a younger generation of new members; a revamped website and Facebook page; a new TIC logo for marketing/branding (letterheads, banners, polo shirts); use of signage (bird crossing with TIC name) to increase TIC’s profile; an updated constitution plan; targeting all appropriate funding opportunities for activities and projects; strengthened partnership with Dunsborough Coastal and Land Care (DCALC); maintaining an active presence on the City of Busselton’s Environment Reference Group; seeking new opportunities for collaboration and partnership with key stakeholders such as the City of Busselton, Water Corporation (e.g. Quindalup sewer connection), Geocatch, Busselton Water, Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, Department of Water, Environment and Regulation, Southwest Catchment Council (Bunbury), schools and the traditional custodians of the land.

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